Autumn Records New and Used Vinyl

Autumn Records - Donovan Little Bit About Who We Are And What We Do!

I have been a record collector for decades and decided to make this hobby a career. Having been part of the vinyl boom, seen the opportunity to provide records to the public and assist in the medians popularity. With my years of experience in buying, searching, grading and referencing vintage vinyl, I am able to provide the best service and skill set in retailing vinyl records. Special Services:

  • Search and located specific or collectable vinyl
  • Record Appraisal Service. Will value and reference your collection.
  • Cleaning Service. Provide Deep Cleansing Process To That Special Record.
  • Special Order Vinyl, CD, Music DVD.
  • Custom Posters. Print out any image to high quality vinyl paper.
  • Provide tutorial lessons in collecting, grading, referencing with vinyl records.
Products Offered:
  • Vintage and new vinyl records.
  • Hi Fi Turntables (award winning)
  • Record cleaning accessories.
  • Spin Clean Record Washer authorized dealer.
  • Custom posters.
  • Gift certificates.
  • Music Accessories.
Introducing North Bay’s FIRST & ORIGINAL online record store. Browse online to see our complete inventory. We will ship to any location. We are proud and committed in providing vinyl records and accessories to the city and area. Our reputation in service is second to none. Whether you walk into our store front or buy online from our website, you will not have a better vinyl shopping experience. Any business can label themselves GREAT, but here at Autumn, action speaks louder than words. Only a reputable business leaves that decision to YOU, the customer. Our customer service is unmatched!