Climax Blues Band  Stamp Album  $8

Climax Blues Band  Flying The Flag  $8

Climax Blues Band  Rich Man  $8

Climax Blues Band  Shine On  $12

Climax Blues Band  Lucky For Some  $12

Climax Blues Band  Real To Reel  $10

Uncle Chapin  $10

John Cale  Artificial Intelligence  $10

The Cars  Shake It Up  $15

The Cars  Candy-O  $12

Tha Cars  Panorama  $12

The Cars  Heartbeat City  $15

The Cars  Door To Door  $18

The Cars  $18

Tom Cochrane And Red Rider  $15

Tom Cochrane And Red Rider  Victory Day  $15

Phil Collins  No Jacket Required  $18

Phil Collins  Hello, I Must Be Going!  $18

Joe Cocker  Civilized Man  $6

Joe Cocker  $10

Joe Cocker  Mad Dogs And Englishmen  $22  2LP

Bruce Cockburn  Inner City Front  $8

Bruce Cockburn  Dancing In The Dragon's Jaw  $15

Bruce Cockburn  Mummy Dust  $10

Bruce Cockburn  Circles In The Stream  $15  2LP

Bruce Cockburn  Humans  $12

Bruce Cockburn  In The Falling Dark  $12

Bruce Cockburn  Joy Will Find A Way  $12

Bruce Cockburn  Night Vision  $14

Bruce Cockburn  Sunwheel Dance  $14

Bruce Cockburn  Big Circumstance  $14

Bruce Cockburn  $15

Bruce Cockburn  World Of Wonders  $10

Bruce Cockburn  Stealing Fire  $12

Cats Can Fly  $10

Crowded House  Temple Of Low Men  $12

City Boy  Book Early  $15  (Signed)

City Boy  The Day The Earth Caught Fire  $12

City Boy  $12

City Boy  Dinner At The Ritz  $12

City Boy  Young Men Gone West  $15

City Boy  Heads Are Rolling  $12

City Boy  The Day The Earth Caught Fire  $12

Kid Creole Doppelganger  $8

Culture Club  Kissing To Be Clever  $8

Culture Club  Colour By Numbers  $8

Culture Club  Waking Up With The House On Fire  $8

Glen Campbell  Rhinstone Cowboy $6 

Glen Campbell  Southern Nights  $6

Alice Cooper  School's Out  $22

Alice Cooper  Welcome To My Nightmare  $15

Alice Cooper  Easy Action  $18

Alice Cooper  Goes To Hell  $15

Alice Cooper  Lace And Whiskey  $15

Alice Cooper  Love It To Death  $20

Alice Cooper  Killer  $15

Alice Cooper  Special Forces  $15

Alice Cooper  Flush The Fasion  $15

Alice Cooper  Raise Your Fist And Yell  $15

Alice Cooper  Greatest Hits  $18

Cheap Trick  All Shock $Up  $10

Cheap Trick  Dream Police  $15

Cheap Trick  At Budokan  $12  

Cheap Trick  Heaven Tonight  $12

Cheap Trick  In Color  $10

Cheap Trick  Lap Of Luxury  $15

Cheap Trick  Busted  $12

Cheap Trick  $15

Cheap Trick  Next Position Please  $12

Crosby Stills And Nash  CSN  $14

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  Daylight Again  $15

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  4 Way Street  $30  2LP

David Crosby Graham Nash  Wind On The Water  $15

David Crosby Graham Nash  The Best Of  $18

David Crosby Graham Nash  Whistling Down The Wire  $18

David Crosby Graham Nash  Live  $22

Charlie  Fight Dirty  $8

Charlie  No Second Chance  $8

Charlie  Lines  $10

Chi-Lites  $10

The Cult  Live At The Lyceum May 20th 1984  $22

The Cult  Fire Woman  $18

The Cult  Love  $25

The Cult  Love Removal Machine  $40  2LP 1987 press  POSTERS

The Cult  Electric  $28 1987 1st press

Chilliwack  Breakdown In Paradise  $10

Chilliwack  Opus X  $12

Chilliwack  Wanna Be A Star  $10

Chilliwack  Lights From the Valley  $10

Chilliwack  Chilliwack  $18  2LP

Chilliwack  Dreams, Dreams, Dreams  $12

Rossington Collins Band  Anytime Anyplace Anywhere  $14

The Crusaders  Those Southern Knights  $12

the Crusaders  Free As The Wind  $12

Chopper  $14

Chubby Checker  The Change Has Come  $8

Chubby Checker  In Person  $12

Eric Clapton  History Of  $28  2LP

Eric Clapton  Just One Night  $25  2LP

Eric Clapton  Slowhand  $22

Eric Clapton  Another Ticket  $8

Eric Clapton  Backless  $15

Eric Clapton  Money And Cigarettes  $15

Eric Clapton  Journeyman  $20

Eric Clapton  Times Pieces The Best Of Eric Clapton  $20

Eric Clapton  461 Ocean Boulevard  $20

Cat Mother  Albion Doo-Wha  $145

Elvis Costello  Taking Liberties  $12

Elvis Costello  Armed Forces  $15

Elvis Costello  This Years Model  $15

Elvis Costello  Spike  $18

Elvis Costello  King Of America  $18

Elvis Costello And The Attractions  Punch The Clock  $15

Elvis Costello  My Aim Is True  $18

The Cry  $10

Andrew Cash  $10

The Colour Field  $6

Jim Croce  I Got A Name  $8

Jim Croce  Don't Mess Around With Jim  $10

Jim Croce  Time In A Bottle Greatest Love Songs  $8

Jim Croce  Greatest Hits  $6

Cano  Visible  $8

Cano  Spirit Of The North  $8

Cano  Eclipse  $10

Cano Rendezvous  $8

The Cowsills  The Best Of  $8

Carpenters  A Song For You  $8

Carpenters  Now And Then  $8

Carpenters  The Singles  $10

Carpenters  $12

Carpenters  Horizon  $10

Carpenters  Close To You  $8

Carpenters  Reminiscing  $22  2LP

Jerry Corbitt  Jerry Corbitt  $8  (Shrink wrap)

Christopher Cross  Another Page  $8

Christopher Cross  Christopher Cross  $8

Christopher Cross  Back Of My Mind  $8

Christopher Cross  Every Turn Of The World  $8

Burton Cummings  Dream Of A Child  $8

Burton Cummings  My Own Way To Rock  $8

Burton Cummings  Burton Cummings  $8

Burton Cummings  Woman Love  $8

Burton Cummings  The Best Of  $22  2LP

Papa John Creach  The Cat And The Fiddle  $8

Kim Carnes  Cafe Racers  $8

Kim Carnes  Mistaken Identity  $8

Kim Carnes  Voyeur  $10

Commander Cody  Rock'N Roll Again/Midnight Train  $15

Commander Cody  Lost Planet Airmen Live From Deep In The Heart Of Texas  $10

Commander Cody  Lost Planet Airmen  Tales From The Ozone  $14

Commander Cody  Lost Planet Airmen  $15

Jim Capaldi  Fierce Heart  $8

John Cafferty  Roadhouse  $8

Captain And Tennille  Make Your Move  $5

Captain And Tennille  Love Will Keep Us Together  $8

Captain And Tennille  Song Of Joy $8

Belinda Carlisle  Runaway Horses  $10

Creedence Clearwater Revival  1970  $28  2LP

Creedence Clearwater Revival  Cosmos Factory  $20

Creedence Clearwater Revival  Willy And The Poor Boys  $18

Creedence Clearwater Revival  Green River  $18

Creedence Clearwater Revival  Bayou Country  $15

Chicago  $15

Chicago  VI  $15

Chicago  X  $15

Chicago  V  $12

Chicago  VII  $14

Chicago  16  $12

Chicago  17  $10

Chicago  If You Leave Me Now  $7

Chicago  XI  $12

Chicago  Hot Streets  $12

Chicago  Greatest Hits  $8

Chicago  Greatest Hits Vol.II  $15

Chicago  The Ultimate Collection  $18  2LP

Eric Carmen  $8

Eric Carmen  Boats Against The Current $8

Eric Carmen  $8

Ry Cooder  Boarderline  $10

Ry Cooder  Paradise And Lunch  $18

Ry Cooder  Get Rhythm  $18

Ry Cooder  Bop Till You Drop  $18

Harry Chapin  Portrait Gallery  $8

Harry Chapin  Short Stories  $10

Harry Chapin  Sequel  $10

Harry Chapin  Dance Band On The Titanic  $15  2LP

Harry Chapin  Verities And Balderdash  $6

Harry Chapin  On The Road To Kingdom Come  $8 

Harry Chapin  Heads And Tales  $8

Harry Chapin  Greatest Stories Live  $18  2LP

Cruzados  After Dark  $8

Commodores  In The Pocket  $8

Commodores  Hot On The Tracks  $7

Commodores  Natural High  $10

Commodores  Midnight Magic  $8

Commodores  Nightshift  $8

Cooper Brothers  Pitfalls Of The Ballroom  $8

Cooper Brothers  $10

Canadian Zephyr  In The Zephyr Style  $8

Rita Coolidge  It's Only Love  $12

Rita Coolidge  Never Let You Go  $8

Rita Coolidge  Anytime Anywhere $6

Toni Childs  Union  $10

Carmel  The Drum Is Everything  $7

The New Spirit Of Capital  $10

Tony Carey  Some Tough City  $7

Captain Beyond  Dawn Explosion  $22

Lloyd Cole And The Commotions  Easy Pieces  $12

Lloyd Cole And The Commotions  Rattlesnakes  $12

Crowbar  Heavyduty  $12

Crowbar  $12

Cher  With Love  $7

Cher  Sings The Hits  $8

Cher  Foxy Lady  $10

Cher  $8

Larry Carlton  $8

Cat Power  The Greatest  $22 

The New Cactus Band  Son Of Cactus  $18

Catcus  World News  $8

Johnny Cash  The Singing Story Teller  $15

Johnny Cash  Any Old Wind That Blows  $15

Johnny Cash  Rock Island Line  $12

Johnny Cash  Ring Of Fire Best Of  $8

Johnny Cash  Silver  $6

Johnny Cash  Everybody Loves A Nut  $10

Johnny Cash  The Rambler  $15

Crawler  $18

Cutting Crew  Broadcast  $15

China Crisis  Flaunt The Imperfection  $10

Peter Cetera  Solitude Solitare  $10

Robert Cray  Strong Persuader  $22

Curiosity Killed The Cat  Keep Your Distance  $15

Curved Air  Second Album  $12

Cowboy  Reach For The Sky  $15  1970 1st Press

Cream  Strange Brew The Very Best Of  $22

Cream  Fresh Cream  $12

Chalk Circle  The Great Lake  $12

David Clayton Thomas  $15

Copperpenny  Fuse  $12

Crackers  Choice Cuts  $12

Leonard Cohen  $25

Leonard Cohen  Songs From A Room  $28  1969 1st Press

Leonard Cohen  Songs of  $23

Canned Heat  Future Blues  $12

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