Autumn Records New and Used Vinyl

Oak Wood Vinyl Brush

Oak wood handle with goat hair. Remove dust and static from records for a clean clear sound

Spin Clean Record Washer $109

Spin Clean Record Washer since 1975 is the best rated vinyl record cleaning system for the money. A complete vinyl washing kit. All Spin Clean Washer accessories and replacement cleaning fluid is also available

Inner Vinyl Sleeves. .60¢ea

High grade 3 mil anti-static poly inner record sleeves to protect your vinyl.

Outer Cover Sleeves .50¢ea

High grade 3 mil poly outer sleeves for the preservation of your record cover.

Platter Mats

Dress your table platter up with a variety of coloured felt mats. Upgrade to minimize your vibration and static with a cork or leather mat.

Simply Analog Record Cleaning Spray

High performance vinyl record cleaner. 200ml. Spray on and wipe off. Remove dirt, grim while eliminating static for improved fidelity. Microfibre cloth included

Clean It Needle Brush

Needle brush to remove dust.

-Conductive carbon fibers
-Eliminates static charges
-Removes finest dust particles

Velvet Record Cleaning Brush

Oak handle with high quality velvet pad brush to remove dust and particles for a clear defined sound.


The OKKI NOKKI record cleaning machine delivers the ultimate clean for your vinyl records. Simple usage featuring a two directional platter to ensure debris is removed for a clear precise sound. -single control ON/OFF button -bi-directional full size 12 inch platter -including label size platter -record clamp with label cover and single adapter -waste fluid reservoir with level indicator -extremely silent and powerful vacuum system -all-in-one vacuum arm 12 inch / 10 inch / 7 inch -comes with: goathair brush & one liter record cleaning fluid bottle -includes dustcover

Dust Off

Remove dust, micro debris safely without touching your audio equipment and vinyl.

Ultralink Record Storage Crate

Vinyl record storage crate.

-Safely store you treasures albums
-Integrated carrying handles
-Holds approximately 75 albums
-Vintage black classic woodgrain construction
-Lightweight for easy transportation

Mobile Fidelity Inner Record Sleeves

Leading name in vinyl record products, these inner record sleeves are luxury and top protection for your precious vinyl. Anti static, anti contamination and smooth enter/exiting makes these inner sleeves the best in the market.