Jimi Hendrix  Band Of Gypsys  $25  1970 2nd Press

Jimi Hendrix  In Concert  $25

Jimi Hendrix  16 Greatest Hits  $25

Jimi Hendrix  Are You Experienced  $20  1970 Press

Jimi Hendrix  The Cry Of Love  $15

Nona Hendrix  $8

Nicky Hopkins  The Tin Man Was A Dreamer  $15

John Hammond And The Nighthawks  $18

Sammy Hagar  All Night Long  $14

Sammy Hagar  $15

Sammy Hagar  Standing Hampton  $15

Sammy Hagar  Rematch  $12

Barclay James Harvest  XII  $12

Barclay James Harvest  XII  $18  Promo

Barclay James Harvest  Octoberon  $14

Barclay James Harvest  Eyes Of The Universe  $15

Barclay James Harvest  Gone To Earth  $15

Barclay James Harvest  The Best Of  $15

Helix  Long Way To Heaven  $12

Helix  Walkin' The Razor's Edge  $8

Headpins  Head Over Heels  $10

Headpins  Turn It Loud  $12

Headpins  Line Of Fire  $10

Harlequin  Love Crimes  $10

Harlequin  Victim Of A Song  $10

Harlequin  One False Move  $10

Hagood Hardy  The Homecoming  $8

Bruce Hornsby And The Range  The Way It Is  $10

Bruce Hornsby And The Range  Scenes From The South Side  $10

Isaac Hayes  Live At The Sahara Tahoe  $22  2LP

Isaac Hayes  To Be Continued  $8

Coney Hatch  Friction  $10

Coney Hatch  $10

Coney Hatch  Outa Hand  $10

Rupert Hine  The Wildest Wish To Fly  $8

Rupert Hine  Immunity  $10

Hiroshima  $8

Peter Hammill  Vision  $12

The Hometown Band  Flying  $8

The Headboys  $6

Whitney Houston  $15

Whitney Houston  Whitney $10

Honeymoon Suite  Racing After Midnight  $10

Honeymoon Suite  The Big Prize  $10

Honeymoon Suite  The Big Prize  $12

The Hunt  The Thrill Of The Kill  $12

The Hunt  $14

Herman And The Hermit's  Best Of Herman's Hermits  $10

Richard P. Havens  1983  $20  2LP 

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band  Framed  $18

Alex Harvey The New Band  The Mafia Stole My Guitar  $18

The Hardy Boys  Wheels  $12

Bill Haley  Rockin'  $12

Bill Haley And His Comets  Rock Around The Clock  $10

The Hollies  "What Goes Around"  $12

The Hollies  $12

Humble Pie  Performance Rockin' The Fillmore  $15  2LP

Humble Pie  Eat It  $22  2LP

Humble Pie  Thunderbox  $15

Humble Pie  On To Victory  $15

Humble Pie  Go For The Throat  $12

Heart  $10

Heart  Dreamboat Annie  $12

Heart  Magazine  $15

Heart  Magazine  $30 Picture Disc

Heart  Little Queen  $15

Heart  Passion Works  $12

Heart  Dog Butterfly  $14

Heart  Bad Animals  $10

Heart  Be'Be' Le Strange  $12

Heart  Greatest Hits Live  $25  2LP

Heart  Bebe Le Strange  $10

Human League  The Human  $8

Human League  Dare!  $8

Buddy Holly  The Great  $10

Buddy Holly  A Rock And Roll Collection  $18

Buddy Holly  Greatest Hits  $8

Buddy Holly  The Buddy Holly Story  $18

Heaven's Radio  Active  $8

Patrick Hernandez  Born To Be Alive  $10

Thelma Houston  I've Got The Music In Me  $10

Thelma Houston  Ready To Roll  $6

Hunters And Collectors  Living Daylight $10

Hunters And Collectors  Human Frailty  $15

Dan Hill  Longer Fuse  $10

Dan Hill  The Dan Hill Collection  $10

Dan Hill  Frozen In The Night  $8

Dan Hill  If Dreams Had Wings  $8

Dan Hill  Hold On  $12

Dan Hill  $10

Hall And Oates  H2O  $8

Hall And Oates  No Goodbyes  $12

Hall And Oates  Ohh Yeah!  $10

Hall And Oates  Big Bam Boom  $12

Hall And Oates  Private Eyes  $8

Hall And Oates  Livetime  $12

Hall And Oates  Live At the Apollo  $12

Hall And Oates  Bigger Than Both of Us  $14

Hall And Oates  Past Times Behind  $12

George Harrison  $15

George Harrison  33 And 1/3  $20  

George Harrison  Somewhere In England  $15

George Harrison  Cloud Nine  $18

George Harrison  All Things Must Pass  $40  3LP

Ian Hunter  Short Back N' Sides  $10

Ian Hunter  All American Boy  $8

Ian Hunter  You're Never Alone With a Schizaphrenic  $12

Ian Hunter  Over Night Angels  $12

Don Henley  I Can't Stand Still  $15

Don Henley  Building The Perfect Beast  $15

Corey Hart  First Offence  $10

Coery Hart  Boy In The Box  $12

Coery Hart  Fields Of Fire  $10

Corey Hart  Young Man Running  $10

Haywire  $10

Dan Hartman  Second Nature  $8

Ronnie Hawkins  The Hawk and Rock  $12

Emmylou Harris  Evangeline  $7

Emmylou Harris  Cimarron  $6

Emmylou Harris  Blue Kentucky Girl  $7

Emmylou Harris  Quater Moon In A Ten Cent Town  $8

Emmylou Harris  Best Of  $5

Winchester Cathedral  $8

Head East $12

Head East  Gettin' Lucky  $12

Head East  Live  $18  2LP PROMO

Head East  Get Yourself Up  $12  PROMO

Albert Hall  Country Rocker  $8

Harpers Bizarre  Anything Goes  $7

Happy Rock  O Maxino Da Aew Wave  $20  Coloured Vinyl 2LP

Hoodoo Gurus  Mars Needs Guitars  $15

Hudson Ford  Free Spirit  $15

Justin Hayward  Songwriter  $8

Murray Head  Say It Ain't So  $7

Herman Z German  And Friends  $7

Herbie Hancock  Vibe Alive  $10

Honey Drippers  Volume One  $12

Rupert Holmes  Pursuit Of Happiness  $8

Horslips  The Man Who Built America  $12

Horslips  The Tain  $15

Joe Hall And The Continental Drift  On The Avenue  $10

Hooters  One Way Home  $12

Dan Hartman  I Can Dream About You  $12

Hammersmith  $18

Home  Pause For A Hoarse Horse  $18

Mary Hopkin  Post Card  $15  1969 1st Press

The Hometown Band  Flying  $8

Steve Howe  Beginnings  $15

Paul Hann  $8

The Hues Corporation  Freedom For The Stallion  $12

Roger Hodgson  In The Eye Of The Storm  $15

Roger Hodgson  Hai Hai  $12

Highstreet  $10

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