Pink Floyd  Ummagumma $25  2LP  1969 1st Press

Pink Floyd  Meddle  $18  1971 1st Press

Pink Floyd  Meddle  $25  1971 1st Press

Pink Floyd  The Darkside Of The Moon  $15

Pink Floyd  A Nice Pair  $40  2LP

Pink Floyd  The Wall  $30  1979 1st Press

Shawn Phillips  Collaboration  $12

Shawn Phillips  Contribution  $12

Shawn Phillips  Second Contribution  $14

Shawn Phillips  Rumplestiltskin's Reslove  $12

Shawn Phillips  Bright White  $12

Shawn Phillips  Spaced  $10

Pretty Things  Silk Torpedo  $15

Pretty Things  Savage Eye  $15

Gary Puckett And The Union Gap  $8

Tom Petty   Hard Promises  $24  Half Speed

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers   Long After Dark   $25

Platinum Blonde  Alien Shores  $8

Prarie Oyster  Oyster Tracks  $6

Poco  Under The Gun  $8

Poco  Blue And Gray  $8

Poco  Legend  $10

Poco  Indian Summer  $10

Poco  The Very Best Of  $12  2LP

Poco  Rose Of Cimarron  $10

Poco  Cantamos  $10

Poco  Ghost Town  10

Poco  Deliverin'  $10

Poco  Crazy Eyes  $10

Poco  From The Inside  $8

Poco  Songs From Richie Furay  $8

Poco  Picking Up The Pieces  $8

Poco  A Good Fellin' To Know  $8

Poco  Cowboys And Englishmen  $8

Poco  Live  $10

Prince  Around The World In A Day  $25

Prince  Purple Rain  $28

The Joe Perry Project  I've Got The Rock 'N' Rolls Again  $12

John Palumbo  Innocent Bystander  $10

Alan Price $8

The Police  Zenyatta Mondatta  $18

The Police  Ghost In The Machine $18

The Police  Synchronicity  $18

The Police  Reggatta De Blanc  $18

The Police  Outlandos D'Amour  $22

The Alan Parsons Project  I Robot  $12

The Alan Parsons Project  Pyramid  $10

The Alan Parsons Project  Eve  $10

The Alan Parsons Project  Vulture Culture  $8

The Alan Parsons Project  Gaudi  $10

The Alan Parsons Project  Eye In The Sky  $10

The Alan Parsons Project  The Best Of  $12

The Alan Parsons Project  The Best Of Volume 2  $10

The Alan Parsons Project  The Turn Of A Friendly Card  $8

Pointer Sisters  Break Out  $4

Pointer Sisters  Hot Together  $4

Pointer Sisters  Energy  $4

Pointer Sisters  That's A Plenty  $4

Pointer Sisters  The Best Of  $8  2LP

Peter Paul And Mary  The Best Of  $8

Prism  See Forever Eyes  $10

Prism  Armageddon  $10

Prism  Young And Restless  $10

Prism  $10

Prism  Best From  $10

Prism  Small Change  $10

Prism  Beat Street  $8

The Psychedelic Furs  Midnight To Midnight  $8

The Powder Blues Band  Thirsty Ears  $12

The Powder Blues Band  Uncut  $10

The Pretenders  II  $15

The Pretenders  Extended Plan  $8

The Pretenders  Get Close  $15

The Pretenders  $15

The Pretenders  Learning To Crawl  $15

Pablo Cruise  Worlds Away  $8

Pablo Cruise  A Place In The Sun  $10

Pablo Cruise  Part Of The Game  $10

Player  Danger Zone  $8

Blue Peter  Falling  $8

Procol Harum  Broken Barricades  $14

Procol Harum  Exotic Birds And Fruit  $8

Procol Harum  LiveIn Concert With The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra  $12

Procol Harum  Shine On Brightly  $8

Graham Parker  The Up Escalator  $8

Graham Parker And The Rumour  Stick to Me  $10

Graham Parker And The Shot  Steady Nerves  $10

Graham Parker  Squeezing Out Sparks  $8

Peter And Gordon  The Best Of  $8

The Prairie League  If The Shoe Fits  $8

The Prairie League  Live! Taken The Stage  $12

Pure Prairie League  Can't Hold Back  $8

Paul and Paula  Sing For Young Lovers  $8

Mike Post  Railhead Overture  $7

Robert Plant  The Principle Of Moments  $12

Robert Plant  Pictures At Eleven  $15

Robert Plant  Shakin 'N' Stirred  $18

Robert Palmer  Secrets  $8

Robert Palmer  Pride  $7

Robert Palmer  Riptide  $8

Robert Palmer  Heavy Nova  $10

Robert Palmer  Some People Can Do What They Like  $8

Robert Palmer  Double Fun  $10

Les Paul And Mary Ford  Bouguet Of Roses  $8

Gene Pitney  Greatest Hits  $6

The Platters  Golden Hits  $7

The Platters  10th Anniversary Album  $8

The Platters  Only You  $8  2LP

The Platters  Encore Of Golden Hits  $8

Billy Preston  The Best Of  $10

Herb Pedersen  Sandman  $8

Anthony Phillips  Wise After The Event  $10

Skip Prokop  All Growed Up  $8

The Perth County Conspiracy  Does Not Exist  $8

The Perth County Conspiracy  Does Not Exist  $18

The Perth County Conspiracy  Alive  $22  2LP

The Perth County Conspiracy  Rumour  $12

Michel Pagliaro  Pag  $12

Michel Pagliaro  I  $12

Michel Pagliaro  Time Race  $12

Ray Parker Jr.  Raydio  $6

The Poppy Family  Which Way You Goin' Billy?  $20

The Poppy Family  Poppy Seeds  $20

Elvis Presley  Golden Records Vol.3  $20  Gold Vinyl

Elvis Presley  Golden Records Vol.4  $20  Gold Vinyl

Elvis Presley  A Legendary Performer Vol.3  $20  Gold Vinyl

Steve Perry  Street Talk  $15

Pavlov's Dog ‎  Pampered Menial   $10

Pavlov's Dog ‎ At The Sound Of The Bell  $18  UK Press

Payola$   No Stranger To Danger  $15

Paul Hyde And The Payolas  Here's The World For Ya   $15

Partland Brothers  Electric Honey  $10

Pet Shop Boys  Please  $15

David Peel & The Lower East Side ‎  Have A Marijuana  $15

The Parachute Club  At The Feet Of The Moon  $18

Point Blank  $20

Point Blank  The Hard Way  $20

Point Blank  American Excess  $20  PROMO

Painter  $15

Paper Lace  $1

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