Rolling Stones  Emotional Rescue  $18

Rolling Stones  Still Life  $20

Rolling Stones  Let It Bleed  $15

Rolling Stones  Story Of The Stones  $22  2LP

Rolling Stones  30 Greatest Hits  $28  2LP

Rolling Stones  Tattoo You  $24

Rolling Stones  Big Hits High Tide And Green Grass  $22

Rolling Stones  Under cover  $12

Rolling Stones  Under cover  $18

Rolling Stones  Goat Head Soup  $12

Rolling Stones  Some Girls  $23  1978 

1st Press

Rolling Stones  Some Girls  $28  1978 1st press withdrawn cover

Rolling Stones  Made In The Shade  $22

Rolling Stones  Black And Blue  $25

Rolling Stones  Big Hits High Tide And Green Grass  $12

Rolling Stones  Rewind  $20

Rolling Stones  It's Only Rock 'N Roll  $25

Robbie Robertson  $15

Helen Reddy  Long Hard Climb  $12

Helen Reddy  I Am Woman  $10

Helen Reddy  Greatest Hits  $5

Helen Reddy  No Way To Treat A Lady  $7

Helen Reddy  Ear Candy  $8

Walter Rossi  Six Strings Nine Lives  $15

Walter Rossi  Diamonds For The Kid  $12

The Rods  $12

Tom Rush  Merrimack County  $12

Tom Rush  The Best Of  $15

Tom Rush  Wrong End Of The Rainbow  $15

Cliff Richard  I'm No Hero  $5

Cliff Richard  Wired For Sound  $6

Cliff Richard And The Shadows  Summer Holiday  $15

Cliff Richard  I'm Nearly Famous  $12

Rare Bird  Epic Forest  $12

Leon Russell  Carney  $10

Leon Russell And The Shelter People  $10

Leon Russell  Stop All That Jazz  $10

Leon Russell  Wedding Album  $6

Leon Russell  Leon Live  $25  3LP

Leon Russell  $10

Leon Russell  Americana  $15

Leon Russell And New Grass Revival  The Live Album  $15

Chris Rea  Whatever Happened To Benny Santini?  $5

Gerry Rafferty  City To City  $12

Gerry Rafferty  Night Owl  $12

Gerry Rafferty  Snakes And Ladders  $10

Gerry Rafferty  Sleepwalking  $10

Rough Trade  For Those Who Think Young  $10

Rough Trade  Avoid Freud  $8

Rough Trade  Weapons  $8

Rough Trade  I Want To Live  $8

Rough Trade  Live  $12

Rough Trade  Shaking The Foundations  $8

Rough Trade  Weapons  $10

The Romantics  In Heat  $8

The Romantics  Rhythm Romance  $8

Reo Speedwagon  Hi Infidelity  $15

Reo Speedwagon  Nine Lives  $10

Reo Speedwagon  You Can Tune A Piano But You Can't Tune A Fish  $10

Reo Speedwagon  R.E.O  $10

Reo Speedwagon  Good Trouble  $8

Reo Speedwagon  This Time We Mean It  $12

Reo Speedwagon  Lost In A Dream  $10

Reo Speedwagon  A Decade Of Rock And Roll 1970 To 1980  $18  2LP

Reo Speedwagon  Wheels Are Turnin'  $10

Rufus  $8

Rufus  Live  $7 2LP

Rufus  Street Player  $8

Red Rider  Neruda  $10

Red Rider  Breaking Curfew  $12

Red Rider  Don't Fight It  $12

Leon Redbone  On The Track  $7

Boby Rydell  We Got Love  $7

Roxy Music  Flesh And Blood  $14

Roxy Music  Avalon  $12

Roxy Music  Manifesto  $18

Roxy Music  Musique  $12

Roxy Music  Avalon  $12

Roxy Music  The Atlantic Years 1973-1980  $15

Todd Rundgrens Utopia Another Live  $15

Todd Rundgren  Runt  $14

Todd Rundgren  Back to The Bars  $25  2LP

Todd Rundgren  Utopia  $15

Todd Rundgren  Healing  $12

The Roaches $7

Maggie And Terre Roche  Seductive Reasoning  $8

Paul Revere And The Raiders  Just Like Us!  $12

Paul Revere And The Raiders  Featuring Mark Lindsay $10

Paul Revere And The Raiders  Greatest Hits  $10

Paul Revere And The Raiders  $12

Paul Revere And The Raiders  Spirit Of '67  $12

The Raiders  Indian Reservation  $12

The Rosebuds  Make Out  $6

Rush  A Farewell To Kings  $15

Rush  Permanent Waves  $18

Rush  Grace Under Pressure  $18

Rush  Fly By Night  $15

Rush  A Show Of Hands  $32  2LP

Rush  Signals  $23

Rush  Power Windows  $23

Rush  Exit Stage Left  $35  2LP

The Rascals  Once Upon A Dream  $12

The Young Rascals Groovin'  $15

The Young Rascals  $25

The Rascals  Freedom Suite  $8 2LP

The Rascals  Greatest Hits  $12

Linda Ronstadt  Get Closer  $8

Linda Ronstadt  Greatest Hits  $10

Linda Ronstadt  For Sentimental Reasons  $8

Linda Ronstadt  Living In The USA  $8

Linda Ronstadt  Mad Love  $10

Linda Ronstadt  Simple Dreams  $8

Linda Ronstadt  Hasten Down The Wind  $10

Linda Ronstadt  Don't Cry Now  $8

Linda Ronstadt Emmylou Harris Dolly Parton  Trio  $12

Rose  A Taste Of Neptune  $8

Johnny Rivers  Slim Slo Slider  $8

Johnny Rivers  A Touch Of Gold  $6

Johnny Rivers  Home Grown  $10

David Rea  Maverick Child  $8

Reckless  Heart Of Steel  $15

Re-Flex  The Politics Of Dancing  $10

Renaissance  Prologue  $15

Renaissance  Novella  $15

Tom Rush  The Circle Game  $8

Little Richard  His Biggest Hits  $10

Little Richard  Lifetime Friend  $12

Little Richard  Greatest Hits  $8

Smokey Robinson  One Heartbeat  $10

The Righteous Brothers  You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'  $15

The Righteous Brothers  Greatest Hits  $10

The Righteous Brothers  The Sons Of Mrs. Righteous  $8

Mitch Ryder  $12

Mason Ruffner  Gypsy Blood  $8

Rockets  $8

Raphael Ravenscroft  Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway  $8

Rasa  Everything You See Is Me  $10

Rockwell  Captured  $10

Diana Ross  $6

Diana Ross  Baby It's Me  $6

Diana Ross  Greatest Hits  $7

Diana Ross  Diana And Marvin  $8

Diana Ross  Diana  $7

Diana Ross  Diana Ross And The Supremes  $6  2LP

Diana Ross  The Boss  $7

Diana Ross  Last Time I Saw Him  $8

Diana Ross  $8

Diana Ross  Ross  $8

Diana Ross  Diana Ross And The Supremes  $6  2LP

Diana Ross  An Evening With Diana  $8  2Lp

Diana Ross  Greatest Hits  $7

Lionel Ritchie  $8

Lionel Ritchie  Dancing On The Ceiling  $6

Lionel Ritchie  Can't Slow Down  $7

Kenny Rogers And The First Edition  Greatest Hits  $6

Kenny Rogers  Kenny  $6

Kenny Rogers  $6

Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits  $5

RPM  Phonogenic  $8

Rockpile  Seconds Of Pleasure  $8

Ratt  Out Of The Cellar  $20

Robbie Robertson  $15

The Rose Garden  $6

Murray Reid Group  Go Way  $8

Rare Earth  Band Together  $14

Lou Reed  Minstrial  $20

Lou Reed  New York  $23

Lou Reed  New Sensations  $22

Lou Reed  Live  $25

The Records  $12

The Records  $8

Mick Ronson  Play Don't Worry  $15

Jennifer Rush  $10

David Lee Roth  Eat 'Em And Smile  $18

Lee Ritenour  Feel The Night  $8

Lee Ritenour  Captain Fingers  $8

Lee Ritenour  The Captain's Journey  $8

Smokey Robinson  Being With you  $6

Tommy Roe   Greatest Hits  $6

Tommy Roe  Dizzy  $15

Rock And Hyde  Under The Volcano  $15


Rainbow  $23        

Rainbow  On Stage  $35  2LP

Rainbow  Bent Out Of Shape  $25

R.E.M  Dead Letter Office  $22  1987 1st Press

Rockin' Horse  $12

Romeo Void  Instincts  $18

Johnny Rodriguez  Reflecting  $12

Rupert And The Rolling Coins  Circle Of Life  $8

Ram Jam  Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Ram  $18

Riot  Thunder Steel  $20

Riot  Narita  $22

Rustix  Bedlam  $20  1969 1st Press

Riggs  $20

Rejoice  $12

Mitch Ryder  What Now My Love  $18

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