Sly And The Family Stone  Small Talk  $12

Sly And The Family Stone  Small Talk  $15

Sly And The Family Stone  Fresh  $18

Sir Douglas Quintet  The Return Of Doug Saladana  $15

Phoebe Snow  Second Childhood  $6

Phoebe Snow  Against The Grain  $8

Phoebe Snow  $8

Sneezy Waters  You've Got Sawdust On The Floor Of Your Heart $10

Status Quo  QUO  $10

Status Quo  Piledriver  $10

Stars On Long Play  $8

Stars On Long Play  II  $8

Stars On Long Play  II I $8

Starwood  $8

The Original Sloth Band  Whoopee After Midnight  $10

Rick Springfield  $8

Rick Springfield  Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet  $8

Rod Stewart  Every Picture Tells a Story  $5

Rod Stewart  A Night On The Town  $4

Rod Stewart  Tonight I'm Yours  $8

Rod Stewart  Greatest Hits  $10

Rod Stewart  The Best Of  $15  2LP

Rod Stewart  The Best Of Vol.2  $8  2LP

Rod Stewart  The Rod Stewart Collection 2LP  $12  

Rod Stewart  Footloose And Fancy Free  $12

Rod Stewart  Body Wishes  $6

Rod Stewart  Downtown Train  $10

Rod Stewart  Foolish Behaviour  $8

Rod Stewart  Can I Get A Witness (Picture Disk)  $15

Rod Stewart  Sing It Again Rod  $15

Rod Stewart  Blondes Have More Fun  $10

Rod Stewart  Atlantic Crossing  $10

Rod Stewart  Smiler  $10

Rod Stewart  Out Of Order  $4

Rod Stewart  Never A Dull Moment  $12

Rod Stewart $20

Rod Stewart  Rod Stewart Small Faces Live Coast To Coast Overture And Beginners $15

Rod Stewart  Absoluetly Live  $15  2LP

Rod Stewart  The Best Of  $7

Small Faces  $20

The Small Faces  Collection 2LP  $18

Lynyrd Skynyrd  Best Of The Rest $15

Lynyrd Skynyrd  Street Survivors  $14

Lynyrd Skynyrd  Live 2LP  $30

Lynyrd Skynyrd  Skynyrd's First And Last  $20

Lynyrd Skynyrd  Second Helping  $25

Lynyrd Skynryd  Nuthin' Fancy  $18

Lynyrd Skynryd  Gold And Platinum  $30  2LP

Bert Sommer  "The Road To Travel"  $15

Santana And Buddy Miles Live  $18

Santana  Amigos $18

Santana  The Swing Of Delight  $20  2LP

Santana  Self Titled  $20  1971

Santana  Beyond Appearances  $18

Santana  Zebop  $12

Santana  Welcome  $18

Santana  Inner Secrets  $10

Santana  Moonflower  $18

Santana  Caravanserai  $12

Santana  Devadip ‎– Oneness Silver Dreams Golden Reality  $20

Santana  Greatest Hits  $18

Santana  Abraxas  $20

The Stampeders  Rubes, Dubes And Rowdies  $10

The Stampeders  Ballsy  $8

The Stampeders  Against The Grain  $8

The Stampeders  Hit The Road  $8

The Stampeders  Steamin  $10

Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band  Like A Rock  $12

Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band  The Distance  $12

Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band  Nine Tonight  $18  2LP

Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band  Smokin' O.P'S  $18

Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band  Stranger In Town  $15

Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band  Night Moves  $15

Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band  'Live' Bullet  $18  2LP

Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band  Against The Wind  $12

Bob Seger  Beautiful Loser  $18

Sweetwater  Just For You  $10

Starcastle  $6

Starcastle  Fountains Of Light  $6

Sweet Pain Too  $10

Split Enz  True Colours  $10

Split Enz  Time And Tide  $10

Split Enz  Conflicting Emotions  $10

Shannon  Let The Music Play  $6

Grace Slick  Welcome To The Wrecking Ball  $12

Grace Slick  Manhole  $14

Shriekback  Care  $8

Stephen Stills  Manassas Down The Road  $15

Stephan Stills  $28 1970 1st Press

Neal Schon And Jan Hammer  Untold Passion  $8

Soft Cell  Non-Stop Erotic Cabret  $8

Silver Convention  Get Up And Boggie!  $8

Survivor  Premonition  $10

Survivor  When Seconds Count  $10

Survivor  Too Hot To Sleep  $12

Survivor  Eye Of The Tiger  $10

Survivor  Vital Signs  $10

Styx  Kilroy Was Here  $10

Styx  Pieces Of Eight  $12 

Styx  Paradise Theatre  $12

Styx  The Grand Illusion  $10

Styx  Crystal Ball  $12

Styx  Equinox  $12

Styx  Cornerstone  $10

Styx  The Best Of  $8

Styx  Caught In The Act Live  $25  2LP

Styx  Man Of Miracles  $18 

Carly Simon  Best Of  $8

Carly Simon  No Secrets  $10

Carly Simon  Torch  $8

Carly Simon  $8

Carly Simon   Boys In The Trees  $10

Straightlines  Run For Cover  $8

The Smithereens  Especially For you  $8

Southern Confort  Frog City  $8

Southern Comfort  The Crusaders  $15

Rex Smith  Sooner Or Later  $8

Barbra Streisand  My Name Is Barbra  $6

Barbra Streisand  Superman  $8

38 Special  Rockin' Into The Night  $8

38 Special  Tour De Force  $8

38 Special Special Forces  $12

38 Sprecial Rock And Roll Strategy  $12

Steppenwolf  Live  $22  2LP

Steppenwolf  For Ladies Only  $20

Steppenwolf  16 Greatest Hits  $20

Steppenwolf  Gold Their Greatest Hits  $7

Steppenwolf  Sixteen Great Performances  $20

Steppenwolf  The Ultimate Collection  $28  2LP

Steppenwolf  The Second  $10

Steppenwolf  The Best Of  $20

Steppenwolf  Rest In Peace  $22

Steppenwolf  Monster  $20

Slade  Alive!  $14

Slade  Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply  $15

Slade  Slayed!  $22

Slade  Sladest  $18

Slade  In Flame  $18

Slade  Rogues Gallery  $15

Soft Machine  7  $18

Strawbs  Hero And Heroine  $10

Strawbs  Deep Cuts  $8

Strawbs  Sandy Denny And The Strawbs  $20

Strawbs  Bursting At The Seams  $18

Strawbs  Deadlines  $18

Stray Cats  Blast Off!  $8

Stray Cats  Rant N' Rave  $8

Steelers Wheel  Ferguslie Park  $12

Sutherland Brothers And Quiver  Reach For The Sky  $10

The Sutherland Brothers  When The Night Comes Down  $6

Seals And Crofts  I'll Play For You  $10

Seals And Crofts  I And II  $10

Seals And Crofts  Summer Breeze  $12

Seals And Crofts  Unborn Child  $12

Seals And Crofts  Diamond Girl  $12

Seals And Crofts  Sudan Village  $10

Seals And Crofts  Greatest Hits  $12

Seals And Crofts  Down Home  $12

Spandau Ballet  Journeys To Glory  $7

Spandau Ballet  Parade  $7

Spandau Ballet  Diamond  $6

Spandau Ballet  True  $8

Boz Scaggs  Silk Degrees  $12

Boz Scaggs  Middle Man  $8

Boz Scaggs  Down Two Then Left  $8

Boz Scaggs  Slow Dancer  $10

Boz Scaggs Band  $7

Boz Scaggs   Hits!  $14

Boz Scaggs  Other Roads  $8

Simply Red  A New Frame  $10

Jim Steinman  Bad For Good  $12

Steely Dan  The Royal Scam  $12

Steely Dan  Greatest Hits  $25 2LP

Steely Dan  Aja  $18

Steely Dan  Gaucho  $15

Steely Dan  Countdown To Ecstasy $18

Steely Dan  Pretzel Logic  $20 

Steely Dan  Katy Lied  $20

Toby Swan  Lullabyes In A Zorland  $6

Simple Minds  Water Front  $6

Simple Minds  Real to Real Cacophony  $6

Simple Minds  Sons And Fascination  $6

Simple Minds  Empires And Dance $6

Simple Minds  Life In A Day  $6

Jo-El Sonnier  Come On Joe  $5

The Stranglers  According To The Men In Black  $10

The Stranglers  No More Heroes  $10

Squeeze  Sweets From A Stranger  $10

Squeeze  Argybargy  $8

Squeeze  East Side Story  $14

Squeeze  U.K. Squeeze  $20  Red Vinyl

Squeeze  Babylon And On  $14

Squeeze  Frank  $12

Squeeze  Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti  $14

Squeeze  Cool For Cats  $14

Spanky And Our Gang  Anything You Choose B/W Without Rhyme Or Reason  $14

Spanky And Our Gang  Greatest Hits $8

Charlie Sexton  $8

Jane Siberry  The Speckless Sky  $8

Jane Siberry  $8

Saga  Silent Knight  $8

Saga  Heads Or Tales  $8

Saga  In Transit  $8

Saga  Worlds Apart  $8

Saga  Behaviour  $8

Saga  Wildest Dreams  $8

Spyro Gyra  Morning Dance  $8

Spyro Gyra  Free Time  $10

Stone Bolt  New Set Of Changes  $12

Stone Bolt  Juvenille American Princess  $10

Ringo Starr  Goodnight Vienna  $8

Ringo Starr  Beaucoups Of Blues  $12

Ringo Starr  $12

Ringo Starr  Bad Boy  $12

Cat Stevens  Izitso  $10

Cat Stevens  Numbers  $10

Cat Stevens  Foreigner  $10

Cat Stevens  Catch A Bull At Four  $10

Cat Stevens  The World Of  $12

Cat Stevens  Greatest Hits  $8

Cat Stevens  Mona Bone Jakon  $12

Cat Stevens  Teaser And The Firecat  $18

Cat Stevens  Footsteps In The Dark  $12

Cat Stevens  Tea For the Tillerman  $12

Southside Johnny And The Ashbury Jukes  The Jukes  $15

Southside Johnny And The Jukes  At Least We Got Shoes  $15

Donna Summer  The Wanderer  $4

Donna Summer  I Remember Yesterday  $5

Donna Summer  Bad Girls  $6

Sonna Summer  Greatest Hits On The Radio Volumes 1 And 2  $6

Donna Summer  Live And More  $8

Donna Summer  She Works Hard For The Money

Donna Summer  Cats Without Claws  $8

Randy Sharp  The First In Line  $12

Scorpions  Blackout  $18

Scorpions  World Wide Live  $25  2LP

Scorpions  Lovedrive  $20  Banned Cover

Scorpions  Animal Magnetism  $20

Saxon  Denim And Leather  $15

Susan  Falling In Love Again  $12

Samson  Don't Get Mad Get Even  $10

Santers  Racing Time  $12

Santers  Guitar Alley  $12

Santers Shot Down In Flames  $10

Simon And Garfunkel  Wednesday Morning, 3am  $15

Simon And Garfunkel  Bookends  $15

Simon And Garfunkel  Greatest Hits  $15

Simon And Garfunkel  Sounds Of Silence  $15

Paul Simon  Hearts And Bones  $5

Paul Simon  There Goes Rhymin' Simon  $12

Paul Simon  One Trick Pony  $8

Paul Simon  Graceland  $20

The Searchers  

Spirit  The Family That Plays Together 2LP  $20

Spirit  Feedback  $18

Streetheart  Under Heaven Over Hell  $8

Streetheart  Dancing With Danger  $12

Streetheart  Meanwhile Back In Paris  $12

Streetheart  Buried Treasure  $12

Streetheart  Quicksand Shoes  $10

Streetheart  Drugstore Dancer  $12

Smokie  Bright Lights And Back Alleys  $8

Bruce Springsteen  The River  $25  2LP

Bruce Springsteen  Tunnel Of Love  $15

Bruce Springsteen  Darkness On The Edge Of Town  $20

Bruce Springsteen  Born In The USA  $18

Bruce Springsteen  Greetings From Asbury Park N.J  $30  SEALED Japanese Press

Bruce Springsteen  Nebraska  $22 

Billy Squier  Emotions In Motion  $10

Billy Squier  Signs Of Life  $8

Billy Squier  Don't Say No  $12

Sugarloaf  I Got A Song  $10

Sugarloaf  Don't Call Us We'll Call you  $20  

Sugarloaf  Spaceship Earth  $25  1970 1st Press in Shrink

Sweet  Give Us A Wink  $15

Sky  $8

Stillwater  $8

Del Shannon  Best Of  $8

Spider  $10

The Souther Hillman Furay Band  Trouble In Paradise  $10

The Souther Hillman Furay Band  $10

The Souther Hillman Furay Band  $12

Shy  Brave The Storm  $8

Ben Sidran  Live At Montreux  $10

Segarini  Gotta Have Pop  $15  Pink Vinyl

The Stylistics  Sun And Soul  $8

The Style Council  My Ever Changing Moods  $8

The Shirts  Street Light Shine  $7

Al Stewart  Year Of The Cat  $12

Al Stewart  Past And Present Future  $8

Al Stewart  24 Carrots  $8

Al Stewart  Modern Times  $8

Al Stewart  Time Passages  $8

Al Stewart  Last Days Of The Century  $14

Sting  The Dream Of The Blue Turtles $10

John Sebastian  $8

John Sebastian  Welcome Back $8

Supertramp  Crime Of The Century  $18

Supertramp  Famous Last Words  $12

Supertramp  Crisis? What Crisis?  $12

Supertramp  Even In The Quietest Moments...  $15

Supertramp  Paris  $20  2LP

Steeleye Spa  Parcel Of Rogues  $8

Steeleye Span  Hark! The Village Wait  $10

Steeleye Span  Please To See The King  $10

Peter Schilling Error In The System $8

George Sutton  Soft As A Sidewalk  $8

The Supremes  Where Did Our Love Go  $8

The Supremes And Four Tops  Dynamite  $8

The Supremes  Mary, Scherrie And Susaye  $8

Tom Scott  New York Connection 

Spoons  Arias And Symphonies  $12

Spoons  Talkback  $10

J.D Souther  You're Only Lonely  $12

The Seldom Scene  The New Seldom Scene Album  $12

The Spitfire Band  $8

Pete Seeger  Children's Concert At Town Hall  $15

Moacir Santos  Carnival Of The Spirits  $8

The Strangeloves  I Want Candy  $8

John Schneider  Now Or Never  $5

The Statler Brothers  Flowers On The Wall  $8

John Stewart  Wingless Angels  $8

John Stewart  Bombs Away Dream Babies  $7

Leo Sayer  Thunder In My Heart  $10

Syl Sylvain And The Teardrops $12

Earl Scruggs  Dueling Banjos  $12

Sparks  Introducing Sparks  $18

Sopwith Camel  The Miraculous Hump Returns From The Moon  $20

Philip Selway Familial  $15

Philip Selway Weatherhouse  $15

Sea Dog  $15

Sonny And Cher  Hits  $8

Sonny And Cher  Greatest Hits  $8

Sonny And Cher  The Hits Of Sonny And Cher  $7

Sonny And Cher  The Two Of Us  $15  2LP

Sonny And Cher  Live In Las Vegas Vol.2  $15  2LP

Sonny And Cher  Live  $7

The Shakin' Pyramids  Skin' Em Up  $8

Sister Sledge  We Are Family  $10

Sade  Stronger Than Pride  $18

Sade  Diamond Life  $18

Sade  Promise  $20

Sheriff  $7

Sly Fox  Let's Go All The Way  $12

Sniff 'N' The Tears  The Game's Up  $12

Buffy Sainte Marie  The Best Of  $10  2LP

Henry Lee Summer  $6

Splinter  Harder To Love  $6

Shakin' Stevens  Get Shakin'  $6

Andy Summers Robert Fripp  Bewitched  $12

Storm  $8

Michael Schenker Group  Built To Destroy  $12

Percy Sledge  When A Man Loves A Woman  $8

The Shirts  Street Light Shine  $10

Michael Stanley Band  Heartland  $8

Michael Stanley Band  North Coast  $10

Michael Stanley Band  $10

Michael Stanely Band  Cabin Fever  $8

Fergal Sharkey  $10

Tommy Shaw  Girls With Guns  $10

Amii Stewart  Knock On Wood  $7

Skylark  2  $12

The S.O.S Band  On The Rise  $1

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